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Bread and Breakfast

Hello Peeps! If you're anything like me the idea of putting anything on a piece of bread makes your heart happy. Now if you add to that a piece of bread that has been toasted to perfection you get a delicious flavorful crunchy delight that will take on the flavor of whatever you top it with. I live by the saying, "ANYTHING TASTES BETTER ON BREAD!". I love these toasties because it's a way for you to get in multiple nutrients at once with all the delicious toppings. However, if you are not a bread lover, this post can still be for you. You can put these toppings on almost anything and your life will improve immensely. If you are gluten free there are tons of gluten-free bread options out there! My personal favorites are Rudi's and Dave's Bread. If you are not gluten free and will gladly enjoy a slice of fresh gluten filled bread, try to opt for whole grain and one with lower sodium. Or you can bake your own!

I will now present to you my 4 favorite toast recipes! They're all super easy and only take about 5 minutes tops. I have 3 sweet and one savory and I guarantee that you will never want a plain piece of toast again after trying these!

The main stars of these toast recipes are:

Toasted Bread and Nut Butters!

The bread is from Sprouts and is Whole Grain Wheat bread. I also found these cute little nut butter packets at sprouts and thought they were so cute to take on the go or to test out a flavor you have never tried. Of course, it would probably make mores sense to get the full sized but these are great if you are trying out a new brand or type of nut butter because they can get expensive.

Lets Get Started!

Strawberry Chocolate Delight

For this first recipe you will need:

- One slice of toasted bread

- Chocolate Hazel Nut Spread (I chose the Nutiva Classic spread)

- Sliced Strawberries

- Walnuts (Or any nuts)

- Cinnamon

You can always add more toppings or flavors that you think would fit on this amazing piece of toast.


- Spread the spread (that sounds funny) on the bread (omg it rhymed)

- Slice strawberries and place them on the chocolate covered bread

- Sprinkle the nuts and cinnamon

- Enjoy!

See how easy it was! Lets go to the next one!

Spiced "Banana" Bread

You will need:

- Toasted Bread

- Maple Almond Butter (Regular almond butter works as well. The maple flavor just adds sweetness)

- A sliced Banana

- Walnuts

- Cinnamon (or any other sweet spices)


- Spread the Almond Butter on the bread

- Layer the sliced bananas on the "buttered" bread

- Sprinkle nuts and cinnamon (the more the better)

Wow! That one was easy too. Let's check out the next recipe

Strawberry Banana Chocolate Heaven

You will Need:

- Toasted Bread

- Peanut Butter Cashew Butter ( I used the one from Wild Friends but if you can't find it, regular peanut butter is fine)

- Ground Nutmeg

- A sliced Banana

- Sliced strawberries

- Cacao Nibs or Dark Chocolate Chips (no dairy pwease)


- Spread the peanut butter cashew butter onto toasted bread

- Slice Bananas and Strawberries and place them on bread

- Sprinkle Chocolate chips and nutmeg for the heavenly part

Awesome! You've made it all the way here, now let's go to our FINAL toastie!

Good Ol' Avocado Toast

You Will Need:

- Toasted Bread

- 1/2 sliced ripe avocado

- Garlic Spice Mix or any seasoning mix


- Slice Avocado into thin or chunky slices

- From here you can either place avocado slices on bread or spread them using a knife

- Add any seasoning that will add flavor to the avocado

- Eat!

Those are my 4 FAVORITE Toastie recipes!

I hope you enjoyed all of these toast recipes and you seriously need to try them out asap! If you try them out leave a comment and let me know your favorite as well as any changes you made to these! Be sure to check out my other recipe blog posts! I promise they won't disappoint!

xoxo- Meya

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