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Today I'm going to give you all of the how to's on Plant Shopping! If you're an up and coming plant enthusiast, but don't know where to start you've come to the right place. Going into a large nursery or garden can be overwhelming at first but if you know what to look for and how to navigate the beautiful green wonders around you, you can come out with amazing results.

All Pictures and Examples used are from: Green Thumb Nursery, in Canoga Park.

What To Look For In a Good Nursery

The first step in buying plants is finding the best place. There are a few key things to look for when looking for the best place to buy plants:

1. Look for Displays that inspire you for your own plant displays at home.

2. Make sure there are nursery wagons available for you to carry your plants

3. Look for a large variety of plants. There should be plenty of indoor and outdoor plants to choose from that go with all seasons and environments.

4. The plants should look healthy, alive, and full of bright vibrant color

5. Plenty of gardening materials such as pots, soil, etc should be available

6. The plants should be organized in sections that make it easy for you to find what you are looking for

7. The employees should be knowledgeable about all of the plants available and willing to help you with any questions you have.

Now that you know what you should be looking for, here are my best plant shopping tips :

1.. Know what you want : Nurseries can be overwhelming sometimes. There are tons of plants to choose from and if you are new to buying plants you can end up buying the wrong plants or plants that don't fit in your home environment. Before you go shopping, do research and compile a list of plants you want.

2. Inspect your plant before buying it : It can be tempting to impulsively pick up a plant and take it with you because it looks pretty. Before you take it, inspect it to make sure all parts are as healthy as possible. Make sure the roots are healthy and not overgrown and that the leaves are bright vibrant green and not brown.

3. Pay attention to Labels : Make sure to read the label so you know exactly what you're getting. Look at the common name and the Botanical name of the plant. The plant of the same species with different botanical names could have differences that affect the growth of the plant.

4. Try picking flowers that are not in full bloom so they that they can bloom and have their peak at your garden/home.

5. Remember that greenhouses host houseplants and houseplants are tropical. These are best kept in specific indoor conditions rather than outside dry environments. If you are looking for plants to survive inside, check out the greenhouse section.

6. Ask questions! Asking questions will ensure that you get the best information. If you are looking for something specific the people working will be glad to help. Also check if there is an information booth.

I hope you enjoyed my plant shopping tips! I am definitely going to be checking out more nurseries and posting more about my plants. Check out some awesome pictures from this nursery below! If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment!

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