• Meya H

Plant of the Day (Day 1)

Behold, today's plant of today. I have slowly grown a deep affection for plants and the happiness they bring into my every day life when I wake up in the morning is infinite. I thought it would only be proper to showcase my passion for these plants and give them a spotlight every day. With that I want to introduce you to my first plant of the day. Her name is "Lovely". I give my plants names because as cheesy as it sounds, they are living organisms. They are not sentient and don't have nerve endings but I feel that plants carry an energy and have the ability to absorb the energy around them. It's important to treat plants with care because they too want to live long healthy lives and the best way to do that is to take care of them and nurture them. I do not know the scientific name or genus of this succulent yet, but I am continuing my research. If anyone knows the name of this plant please write a comment! Looking forward to more POTDs!

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