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Hello Peeps!

Welcome to the food section of my blog. For me, food holds a very special place in my heart. I don't say that to be cliche, but it honestly is so important to me. So many memories, moments and events in my life are brought back to me because of food. I love how it can connect people and help us learn more about the world and also about each other. I love trying new food, finding new restaurants and creating recipes that I think up from my own imagination.

I eat a primarily plant based diet, so everything I post will be plant based. I know that may be unique to some people, but trust me it does not limit me at all; it actually makes food and eating more interesting. I love coming up with plant based versions of common everyday food and finding ways to make plant based recipes taste better. To me, food is all about eating what makes you feel good on the inside so you can shine bright on the outside.

I hope you enjoy my future recipes, restaurant discoveries, food pictures and more!

Here are some pictures I took of food because I just really like taking pictures of food.

Oatmeal and fruit- Honestly my favorite breakfast

Tacos and Guac- I don't remember what I put in these but they were ah-mazing

Fruit- My weakness

More fruit- More weakness

Thai food- I have a special place in my heart for Thai Food. Here are some vegetables in the most amazing broth ever.

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