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Vegan Recipes, Healthy Lifestyle and Self Care









Things to Look for: Nice Inspirational Displays Nursery Wagons that are available to customers A large variety of indoor and outdoor plants Plenty of Gardening materials, soil and pots


 Today's Recipe Is Apple Walnut Maple Bars!!!! Indulging in vegan junk food is not something I do every night, but the weather is changing, leaves are falling and that calls for a treat. These decadent bars are full of flavor and texture, and will definitely bring you...


 Behold, today's plant of today. I have slowly grown a deep affection for plants and the happiness they bring into my every day life when I wake up in the morning is infinite. I thought it would only be proper to showcase my passion for these plants and give them a spo...


Hello Peeps! 

Welcome to the food section of my blog. For me, food holds a very special place in my heart. I don't say that to be cliche, but it honestly is so important to me. So many memories, moments and events in my life are brought back to me because of food. I lov...


Welcome to Meya's World! I am so excited to begin this journey with all of you. This blog is a reflection of my life as I see it. I've always felt that I had a unique perspective on certain topics and ideas, but I was always afraid to share them because let's be honest...

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Hi I'm Meya and welcome to Inspiredbymeya. I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas and passions for food, veganism and living a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy my vegan recipes, lifestyle tips and vegan restaurant reviews. In my spare time, I love to dance, travel and cook.  

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