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Welcome to the ultimate guide to vegan substitutes. Find a quick list of the best dairy free cheese, vegan meat substitutes, egg substitutes, and more. I'll give you the rundown on what vegan brands to use, the best vegan ice cream, vegan baking substitutes, and mo...


Learn how to make vegan peanut butter cookies with 4 ingredients. One of my favorite vegan cookies recipe is vegan peanut butter cookies. Vegan desserts can be quick and easy too. Find more vegan recipes and vegan desserts recipes on my blog.


Out of all my favorite vegan recipes, vegan chocolate chip cookies is definitely one of my favorite vegan desserts. These vegan cookies will be a real treat.


Hello Peeps! If you're anything like me the idea of putting anything on a piece of bread makes your heart happy. Now if you add to that a piece of bread that has been toasted to perfection you get a delicious flavorful crunchy delight that will take on the flavor of wh...


Things to Look for: Nice Inspirational Displays Nursery Wagons that are available to customers A large variety of indoor and outdoor plants Plenty of Gardening materials, soil and pots

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Hi I'm Meya and welcome to Inspiredbymeya. I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas and passions for food, veganism and living a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy my vegan recipes, lifestyle tips and vegan restaurant reviews. In my spare time, I love to dance, travel and cook.  

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